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Bess, Charles L. (1964-1967)


Name, Year: Bess, Charles L. (1964-1967)
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Home Town: O fallon mo.
Unit at Loring: 42d CDS air police
First Day at Loring: The largest snow flakes  that i had ever seen and the most chilling wind i had ever felt. Made me wonder had i made a mistake in choosing the air force.
Most Memorable Experience: Actually there are many stories good and bad,and lot of funny ones. But I guess the best one was my first nite on the flight line, i went out did my first down load, and staging guard duty of nuclear weapons. it rained and sleeted and snowed, i was then taken to the alert tanker area and was trying to keep awake and keep warm it was a midnight shift,I slipped and felled into the heater that was supose to keep me warm, but the fumes made me more sleepy finally the sat team brought me  coffee and some how i made it though my first night as a ramp rat.(smile)
Last Day at Loring: Well i left in february and it was cold and plenty snow had fallen the chill factors had been the fours and with the wind maybe a few fives. I actually was looking forward to going to Phan rang viet nam for my final year of service.
What did you do after Loring? Well I did a year in viet-nam at phan rang which was interesting, and after I left i was discharged and I worked in the auto industry for 35 years ,was a member of security management for GM (25years)and did my last 10 years in production  management. I spent several years going to school on the G.I bill and was finally awarded a masters in mgt. in 1984. for the last 10years I have been happily retired. And i still have lasting memories of Loring overall good experience those three years prepared me for a good career and help me raise five children and now iam a grand father.
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