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Borders, Larry (Various 1963-1982)*

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Larry at Loring (View full size photo HERE)


Larry now (view full size photo HERE)


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  Columbus, OH

Unit at Loring:  42nd CDS; 42nd CSG Hq Sq

First day at Loring:

It was a bright, sunny day on 26 July 1963.  I had just completed a 15-month tour at Ben Guerir AB, Morocco and was on a Greyhound bus from Columbus, Ohio to Loring.  It had been a long trip, and I was very tired as the bus pulled up to the Loring West Gate.  The Air Police gate guard stepped into the bus to check us all out, and then motioned for the driver to proceed to the Whispering Pines Service Club.  There we all dismounted.  My sponsor was delayed arriving so I had no one to meet me there.  I ended up hitching a ride over to my assigned unit, the 42nd Combat Defense Squadron, located on the other side of the base at East Loring. 

The one thing that I have never forgotten about my arrival at Loring was being greeted by the Orderly Room Chief Clerk, A1C David R. Lusardi.  Dave went out of his way to make sure I was properly squared away. After taking care of sign-in tasks, Dave gave me my room assignment--then, he escorted me to the chow hall for a bite to eat; I was very hungry.  Upon finishing my meal Dave then walked me to my room in the "D Flight Security barracks.  I remember that Dave carried my luggage to my room.  Dave bent over backwards to make sure I had everything I needed upon my arrival at Loring.  And, like me, Dave stayed in the Air Force.  He retired in Caribou where he still lives today with his wife Linda.  I last saw Dave at a Loring reunion in July 2006.  Thanks to him my first day at Loring was a pleasant experience, and one I have not forgotten after 47 years.

Most memorable experience:  

Of all the assignments I had in my 28-year Air Force career, the 4 years I spent with my Air Police/Security Police brothers in the Sentry Dog (K-9) Corps at Loring AFB were without question the best years of my career.  I never again met a better, closer group of guys. We lived, worked, ate, partied and spent most of our days and nights together. Forty-plus years later I am still in contact with many of them. The bond we have is very special. Indeed, I can think of no other military group that shares a bond as close as that of the Brotherhood of the Security Police Forces. I am proud to have been a part of it all.  Without hesitation I would do it all over again.

Last Day at Loring: 

One of the most memorable assignments of my career.

What have you done since Loring  Retired 1 Sep 1989 after 28 year career. Worked for United Health Care, Inc as a Group Services Administrator for 15 years. Retired fully on 15 Jan 2010. Enjoying retirement and looking forward to having time to "stop and smell the roses."

If you agree, people can contact you at (email):  larrynashua3@aol.com

Additional Photos:

Atlantic Salmon Flies and Fishing, 1995, Plate 9
(click picture to view full size)
Drummin' with The Delrays band, The Yacht Club, Van Buren, Maine - Oct 29, 1965 (click picture to view full size)
The Delrays from Loring (1964-66) (click picture to view full size)

 Sometime back I contacted the Air Force Historical Agency and asked for confirmation of the date that sentry dogs were first used at Loring.  I received a response that the first 10 dog teams arrived at Loring on 26 May 1956.  They were assigned to the 42nd Air Police Squadron.  The agency also included three historical file photos of those dog teams. 

Note:  You can view the following 4 photos full size at the APS-CDS-SP photo album

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