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Calero, Victor (1962-1965)

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Home Town: Whittier,  CA
Unit at Loring: 42nd Transportation
First Day at Loring: My first day at Loring was very quiet as I checked in at transient barracks until reporting to my permanent squadron. I was fascinated by the B52's when I saw them taking off in the distance as I made my way to Transportation Sq.
Most Memorable Experience: In 1962, 'the missiles of October" when Pres. Kennedy ordered the Russians to turn their ships around and take their missiles back to Russia. Everyone on base was ordered to report to underground bunkers and "wait and see".
Last Day at Loring: Bittersweet as I didn't want to leave and yet I was happy to be going home. 
What did you do after Loring? Worked for American Airlines for 37 years.
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