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Campo, John (1964-1966)

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Hometown:  Kansas City, MO

Unit at Loring:  Hq, 42nd Combat Support Gp

First day at Loring:  All I can remember after initially arriving at Loring AFB in mid-1964,

after a tour of duty at warm sunny Kadina AB, Okinawa, was seeing snow

on the ground in the wooded area some distance from our base quarters at

Loring AFB.

Most memorable experience:   I enjoyed being selected to participate with the 8th AF ORI Team visiting and inspecting northern tier sites.  It was also very interesting to work with the OD and perform active runway checks during the winter seasons while on duty as Senior NCO with the OD.


Last Day at Loring:   After a two year tour at Loring I was supposed to be assigned to a southern part of the country - but I got notified that I was being

reassigned to Minote AFB, ND.  Called SAC Hq and they reconsidered

and I got assignment changed to McConnell AFB, KS.


What did you do after Loring: Retired as CMSGT Sept 1968 from McConnell AFB after 20 years, went to work with the Bendix Corporation in Kansas City, MO which was later bought out by Allied-Signal Aerospace Co and retired from that firm in 1992.  Joined a military reunion association, the Nagoya/Komaki Air Base Reunion Association in 1986, became President and Newsletter Editor in the 1990's and still in that position.  Membership includes AFer's who were assigned to Nagoya Air Base and surrounding 5AF areas in Japan and also including Korea. I was there from 1949-52.


If you agree, people can contact you at (email):JAYMCEE@aol.com