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Celcer, Glenn (1966-1968, 1971-1985)*

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A picture commemorating 1977 - Loring was named Best in SAC
Loring snow drifts 1970's
This is a team from loring afb around 78 or 79, hope ossie ossenfort can help me with some of the names, its been a while. the team name was the rabbits.
Tanker entering Phase Dock Hangar 1977
B-52 in Phase Maintenance 1977
Tanker in Phase Maintenance (Arch hangar) 1977
Photo from inside B-52 cockpit


Loring Drive, 1983
Loring Drive, 1984, just before I left in 1985


Hometown: fox oklahoma

Unit at Loring: 42nd OMS


First day at Loring:  My first day it was cold and I didn't think I would like it, I got there in Feb of 66. But I grew to like it there as many did and had a total of 16 years there with one 5 year control tour.


Most memorable experience: So many stories and not really a favorite one but just the memories of the friends me and my family have met there.   I also had my wife`s 2 brothers stationed there; at one time all 3 of us was stationed there together.  What a wonderful time.


Last Day at Loring: I was sad to leave Loring and my family was too.   We transferred to Lakenheath, England for 3 years and 3 years after England I retired.


What did you do after Loring: I retired from the Air Force Feb 91, and now I still work for the United States Army parachute team.  I am still an aircraft mechanic as well.   It used to be Pope AFB but now its been turned over to the Army and its Pope AAF.


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