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Chase, Bob (1966-1968)

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Hometown:  Erie, PA

Unit at Loring:  811th Medical

First day at Loring:

I arrived at night in early January, flew into Presque Isle, caught a ride to Loring. Got droped off at HQ Bldg and someone there gave me a ride to the Medical Barracks. It was late, I was cold and I don't remember much else. The next day my room mate took me over the path to the Hospital,

The only thing that I remember very well is that I wish I could have stayed there for my whole four years. It was great even if it did cost me my hearing.Nervous, A whole new life starting, Didn't know what to expect.

Most memorable experience:  

I don't know that it was the best time I had there, But one snowy cold night when I was driving ambulance we got a crash call about a 52 with a hot load comming in with one engine feathered. The A2c that I had with me and I pulled up onto Taxiway Bravo behind the Fire Dept as Po's announced that the plane was on the ground. The instant that we stopped we lost all power couldn't use the radio, headlights, siren or any thing else. we could see the 52 baring down on us. The a2c wanted to get out and run but I told him no, that the dogs would get him or he would get shot. Fortunatly just then we felt a contact on our bumper and a plow pulled us out of there, just in time. He had seen us come in and not come back.

Last Day at Loring:  

 Terrible, I didn't want to go, I wound up sick from drinking some bad beer, while moving from base housing, was sick as a dog while I was driving back to PA, Got into Conneticut and wanted to double check something on my orders, had to take everything from the car to find them. Comming back from overseas was easy in comparison.
What did you do after Loring?
After Loring, I went to the 7206th Dispensary at Helenikon Air Base in Athens, Greece. I can't find any information about that Base anymore except that it also closed, and the 94 Olympics were held there. That was great Duty for 18 mos.
I got out after 4 years and went to work at GTE telephone Co. in Erie, PA.  In 1990 I was promoted and worked in Johnstown, PA for about a year and a half, then took another transfer to Sayer, PA. 9 Mos. later I was transfered to Hershey , PA as Installation and Maint Supervisor.   I left GTE in 1994 and moved to middle TN. I worked with Juvenile offenders at a wilderness facility for two years, then started doing work for a small interconnect company in Columbia, TN. I retired in 2008 and have been trying to sell our house here to move back to PA. I have 3 children and 5 grandchildren and have been married for 43 years.

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