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Chudy, Edward (1960-1963)

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Home Town: Monror, CT
Unit at Loring: A7E
First Day at Loring: OK. It was a long time ago. All I can remember is thinking "what am I going to do up here for 3 years?"
Most Memorable Experience: The last 8 months of my time there I was assigned to a special time compliance tech order on the B52's to rewire a connecter for the radios at the base of the tail section. Suppose to take 2 men 8man hours. I was in an out and completed it within 90 minutes. Had the rest of the day off until the next B52 landed from a Chrome Dome mission
Last Day at Loring: FUN. Remember going to pick up papers and the Airman on duty asked me "what are still doing here you could have left yesterday?" SO I left
What did you do after Loring? Stayed in Connecticut. Worked in electronics for the Navy for a awhile. After that was a Tech Illustrator for Tech Manuals for the Air Force during Nam. Continued my education in the Art. Worked as an Art Director for agencies in NYC for a few years ended up working in CT for agencies, corporations and had my own Graphic Design firm. Taught Marketing, advertising and Graphic Design as an adjunct professor for University of Bridgeport, Sacred Heart University. Fairfield University and the Paier School off Art. All located in CT. Still working and collecting Social Security.
If you agree, people can contact you at (email): echudy@charter.net