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Colt, Geoff (1966-1967)

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Home Town: East Providence, RI
Unit at Loring: 2192 Comm. AFCS
First Day at Loring: Was nervous and kind of over whelmd by the size of the place. Learned Base was connected under ground. In Winter found out why!
Most Memorable Experience: Worked in a Radio Site 5 miles off Base. Did Air-Ground plane traffic. Got to work Air Force One when they could not connect to Andrews in Maryland. Also got snowed in on top of mountain several time during Winter.
Last Day at Loring: Had mixed emotions. Leaving good people behind, but was kind of glad as Loring was kind of boring. When you help harvest 'Taters for something to do, that tells you something. Other side of coin, I was headed to Vietnam, as a Combat Communications Specialist.
What did you do after Loring? Served in Vietnam. Got Discharged and Married. Became a Jopurneyman Tool & Dye Maker. Am now Retired and living in Alabama with my Wife of 43 years!
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