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Cote, Donald (1963 - 1967)

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Home Town: Fort Fairfield
Unit at Loring: 212A FTD
First Day at Loring: I was recently out of high school and intrigued by Loring and all the activity there.  I was amazed by the help and patience of the guys in the detachment, Sgt. James Giles was especially helpful and helped me get started in the new and intimidated environment.  I was pround of my security clearance enjoyed flashing to get through all those guard houses.  By the way, I was a civilian employee.
Most Memorable Experience: This one I am fond of but it would have to be on a long list!  An interview question was - do you know where the best fishing holes are in this area?  I answered yes thinking getting hired might depend on it.  So we went fishing a lot on weekends and learned more from them than they ever did from me.
Last Day at Loring: Very sad.  I left to attend the Universty of Maine and was convinced that my leaving Loring was a big mistake - and sometimes I still feel that way.  I kept in touch with the guys at 212A as best I could.  It was the VN era and a lot of them went to SE Asia.  A few eventually settled in the area.  On my last day they gave me a going away party.  Not being a GI, I thought at first that I would be a loose nut in the outfit but they did not let that happen.
What did you do after Loring? I atended the U of M beginning in 1967 and during most of that time I was in the Maine Army National Guard.  I worked as a Ranger on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway until 1989 then went to another State agency, the Maine Land Use Regulation Commission where I am still employed.  After 43 years of State service, I plan to retire sometime in 2013.
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