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Cressman, Glenn (1969-1970)

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Home Town: Lansdale, PA.
Unit at Loring: Security Police
First Day at Loring: Don't remember
Most Memorable Experience: I was in the patrol vehicle driving down the access way when we saw a flash in the tail of a B-52 which was being worked on right across from another 52 that was being uploaded with nukes. We put the call into headquarters telling what we saw then drove down to the area to check the hangers for people to get them out of there. The aircraft went up in flames very quickly and I remember a leading gear assembly which blew up and fell to the ground near my buddy and I. We ran back to the vehicle and set-up a position at the entrance to the area and watched in burn to the ground. I have looked all over this site and the Loring AFB site and there is no mention of this incident anywhere. I remember the base commander had just gotten his first Star about a week or so before this and a couple days after he lost it. Does anyone else have any info on the details of this? Just wondering, my memory isn't what it once was. 
Last Day at Loring: Don't remember, I was heading for Nam.
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