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D'Amario, Alfred J. (1964-1966)

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 Read Joe's story about General Martin "Rip" Ryan (former Loring pilot and 45th AD Commander)

Hangar Flying

Get Joe's outstandiing book, "Hangar Flying", about his career as a Korean War fighter pilot and SAC bomber pilot.  Also included in this book is his recollection of the Thule Greenland crash of the nuclear-armed B-52, of which he was a crew-member.  I have purchased this book, and it is fascinating reading.

Webmaster, Loring Remembers

Hometown:  Hudson, Florida

Unit at Loring:  70th BS, The squadron that went to Plattsburgh

First day at Loring:

I arrived, with my family, in late October 1964. While checking in to my squadron, an OEI team hit. I spent the next week staying at home playing with Momma (and the kids) and avoiding the inspectors. Loring was a great base, great spirit, and colder than a witch's _ _ _. Alert facility was over the bowling alley with the "Tight Pants League" performing nightly.  Eighteen months later, I got my southern assignment...Plattsburgh.

Most memorable experience:  

The Saturday following the ORI of 1964, was an Armed Forces Day open house. My family got to inspect a B-52 inside and out. I mentioned to the co-pilot and navigator at the display aircraft that I thought there ws a B-47 inside (The B-52 was the box the B-47 came in). The following Monday, I was assigned my new crew. Guess who??? That same co-pilot and navigator. Incidentally, that co-pilot, Martin J. "Rip" Ryan eventually became a Major General and Division Commander over Loring.

Last Day at Loring:  

The movers who packed my household goods hit the side of my car with their truck as they were leaving. Luckilly it was drivable, but I had to drive to Plattsburgh and then on leave with a caved in left door.


What did you do after Loring:

B-52 Crew commander and Chief of Safety at Plattsburgh. Retired 30 Nov 70 and moved to Florida. Insurance claims adjuster/examiner/supervisor with Allstate and USAA. Retired again in '86. Lived in Tampa, Fl, San Antonio, TX, Hot Springs Village, AR and back to Florida. Published a book, Hangar Flying, about 20 years of the "moments of stark panic" that punctuate the hours of boredom in a flying career. Play golf, sing karaoke and travel. Almost 82 years old and having a ball. For 20 years I lived my life's ambition and got paid for it. What could be better than that???


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