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"Rip" Ryan

photo of LIEUTENANT GENERAL MARTIN  J. RYAN JR.Twice in my book I mentioned a particular B52 copilot, though I didn't mention him by name.  The first time was when I took my family onto the flightline to see a B52 during an Armed Forces Day Open House. He was the copilot who was at the airplane when I commented that I thought I'd see a B47 inside because I was told that the B52 was the box the B47 came in. That was in October 1964. The other time I mentioned him was in the chapter where I discribed doing a wingover in a B52 and my copilot said he saw 110 degrees of bank on the attitude gyro. That was in early 1965. Well, that copilot was Martin J. (Rip) Ryan who later became a major general or lieutenant general and, near the end of his career was the Division Commander of the division that included Loring AFB. Apparently Rip never really got famous because I've asked some of my pilot training classmates who also made lieutenant general if they knew or heard of him, and they didn't. However, they spent most of their time in fighters and Tactical Air Command whereas Rip was in bombers and SAC.
    Anyway, General Ryan started out as a copilot at Loring and moved to Plattsburg with the squadron that made the move, but eventually came back to Loring as Division Commander. Rip passed away several years ago and all efforts to make contact with his wife by many of his best friends have been fruitless.

Note:  You can read General Ryan's full bio here

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