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Donnelly, Bernard (1960-1961)

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Home Town: philadelphia
Unit at Loring: 42nd
First Day at Loring: Had three haircuts that day, ran into m/sgt hayes. The haircuts I spoke of, weren't at Loring. They took place at eielson afb in Fairbanks. At Loring I was temporary CG at the alert barracks for the first month.
Most Memorable Experience: KP, ALWAYS GOT THE PIE TRUCK. I remember the fire at "cindys" and the car crash into the little gas station/beer store just inside the main gate. I was in the fire department.
Last Day at Loring: summer, took a taxi to the airport, was transferring to Alaska....YOU GOT TO LOVE UNCLE SAM.
What did you do after Loring? 30 years with GE, then became a RN, still working at 70.
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