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Dority, Robert (1963-1967)

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Home Town: Boston, MA
Unit at Loring: 27th FIS, MA1 AWCIS
First Day at Loring: My first day was very hectic, doing all the administrative forms, getting a barracks and room assignment, meeting some old friends from Lowrey AFB training and some new acquaintances who became friends.  It was also very exciting as I got to see the F-106 flightline and the huge B-52's and KC135's.
Most Memorable Experience: I loved going to Mad town (Madawaska) to have fun, meet the local girls and then go across to Canada for French Fries and gravy before heading back to the base.  
Last Day at Loring: It was sad to leave all my friends who were like family to me, but it was also exciting thinking about what the future will hold as I start my career in the world outside of the military.
What did you do after Loring? "I worked in the electronics industry for the first year and then went to work for RCA Service Co in Boston as a Computer Field Engineer.  After 5 years I went to work for Leasco Research and Tymshare Corp. working on their computers.  I spent 25 years with Amdahl Corp working on Mainframe Computers as Computer FE and a Field Service Manager and the final 5 years at EMC Corp as a District Services Manager.
In 1968 I married my wife Pat and we have 3 great children...Scott, Kristen and Heather and 4 grandchildren.  We've been married for 44 years now and still going strong.   We are both retired now and reside in Egg Harbor Twp, NJ.  "
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