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Ferland, James (1968-1971)

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Home Town: Millinocket, ME
Unit at Loring: 811th Medical Group
First Day at Loring: In June of 1968 I drove from my family home in Millinocket to the base. I signed in at headquarters and then went to the hospital to check in. Everyone was friendly. I meet the Hospital Commander, Col. Spencer A. O’Brien, who welcomed me to the outfit. Got my barracks assignment, which at the time was across from the NCO Club. Was assigned ward duty in the beginning.
Most Memorable Experience: Sept 4,1969, was the most memorable day of my tour at Loring. At about 2130 hrs a B52 being piloted by Maj. Oxehufwud crashed about 3 miles north of the base. The aircraft experienced multiple engine failure on take-off. The crew was taking off as part of an ORI inspection. There were no survivors.  I was working the emergency room that night and went to the scene. In the morning I assisted in recovering the remains of the crew. It has always been a very sad memory. 
Last Day at Loring: May 26, 1971, I was getting a 90 day early out to become a police officer in Presque Isle, ME. Most of the day was spent completing the last phase of processing for discharge and saying good bye to friends and co-workers.
What did you do after Loring? Was with the Presque Isle Police Department for 25 years, retired and then took the position of Administrator of the Office of Chief Medical Examiner for the State of Maine, retiring in 2011.
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