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Field, Chester J. (1962-1967)

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Hometown:  Walters Crossing, PA

Unit at Loring:  42nd Cmbt Def Sqdn

First day at Loring:

I was very impressed with the way I was greeted  and welcomed  by the personnel as I departed the Greyhound bus on the base.Nervous, A whole new life starting, Didn't know what to expect.

Most memorable experience:  

My favorite is when I first met Lt Col Dohnke the BDCL or Squadron Cmdr whichever you wanted to call him. My first impression was that he epitomized  what an officer and gentleman should be and he was exactly that an officer and a genttleman. This impression never changed the entire time  I served with him.

Last Day at Loring:  

Was very glad and happy after spending 5 long dreary and cold winters there even though I was being transferred to Vietnam.

What did you do after Loring:

After leaving Loring I was assigned to the 820 REDHORSE at Tuy Hoa, Vietnam, Then was reassigned to RAF Upper Heyford, England  where my wife gave birth to our daughter and 15 months later died of a rare type of cancer.  Two years later remarried had a son and was transferred to Wright Patterson AFB< OH and was retrained into military personnel after being promoted to E-8. Retired  1Oct 78. Went back to work in the military personnel office (CBPO) as Chief Personal Affairs/Chief Casualty Assistance Officer. where I worked for another 18 years.  While at WPAFP my spouse of 24 years deceided she needed to find herself and we obtained  divorce and I retired fro the second time and move to South  Carolina on Lake Marion.  I have worked with two different ministries since my arrival here. The Beginning Experience and the Fishers of Men.  The BE experience is a weekend for those who have been thru a divorce or death or seperation from their spouse. It is a peer ministry with no professional people assigned except for the religious advisor. It is very rewarding to see the change in the peoples lives from the time they  arrive on Friday and leave on Sunday. The Fishers of   Men is an interdenominational and iterrracial fellowship  of Christian men who are active in churches and the local community. We are a band of brothers who help the people in the community to do repairs to their homes  at no charge to the individuals. Just in these  past 5 months we have built 7 handicap ramps for people who could not otherwise afford to have a ramp built. I have been a  Lay Eucharist Minister for over 30 years in the Episcopal church, a Lay reader, Altar Guild and serve on the church vestry.  With the Fishers I have been past president twice and am currently the Secretary/Treasurer.  My wife's name is Cindy and she currently is the office manager of the Church of Epiphany which we attend. I am also Chairman of the Church Yard Committee responsible for the grounds and buildings at our church. I keep my self busy.   

If you agree, people can contact you at (email):  smsgt@ftc-i.net