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Fields, Alphonso (Al) (1960-1961)

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Home Town: Cleveland, Ohio
Unit at Loring: 42nd Supply
First Day at Loring: It was a very, very cold day on 4 February 1960. I arrived from Boston by train. This was the first and only time I ever wore the Air Force Wool Overcoat. I reported to the orderly room and met Major Bandorsky, MSgt Reed, SSgt Broussard and A1C Hamel. I checked in and was then taken to Base supply for winter gear (Parka, Mukluks etc). I was issued my winter gear by A2C Robert McIntyre (Ohio - I think). I was in Admin (70230) and assigned to the Orderly Room. 
Most Memorable Experience: Once you left the base and headed to Quebec, St John, N.B or Montreal there were many things to do. There were the hazards of winter travel but being 18 years old, it never crossed my mind. There has to be a higher being look out for us. At Loring I will never forget the northern lights or the snow fall that made the small towns look just like Christmas Cards. At Loring I admired the aircraft maintenance folks (FMS, OMS, A&E and Missile Maintenance) and determined that would be my future.
Last Day at Loring: I checked out 0001 16 Aug 1961. Reassigned to High Wycombe, England (SAC Hq England). I shared a ride and expenses  to Cleveland, Ohio with two other guys headed west. I couldn't wait to leave. All of the guys in the squadron, called Loring "The Stone" and anything Boston and below "The World". There wasn't much to do for a young 18 year old airman. 
What did you do after Loring? After Loring I was assigned 7 Air Div Hq (SAC) in England. In England, I crossed trained to Aircraft Navigation Equip Repairman and reassigned to Keesler AFB for training. After training (J30151), assigned to George AFB, CA. F-4C Fighters (8th TAC Fighter Wing - 8th A&E), Then Ubon Thailand (8th TAC Fighter Wing)After SE Asia back to George AFB (479th Fighter Wing) and was discharged after 8 years. I went to work at McDonnell-Douglas Long Beach, CA. as an aircraft electrician, DC-8 and DC-9 commercial aircraft. I then went to work at LAX on custom built business Jets as an avionics/inflight technician. In 1972, I became a Company Representative on Navy Electronic Warfare Systems and did land and sea deployments with Navy fighter and attack squadrons. In 1975, I went to work for the Navy on the P-3C Anti-Submarine Warfare aircraft (West Coast/West PAC . In 1987, I became the Deputy Regional Officer for the Naval Aviation Engineering Service Unit. In 1996, Deputy Regional Officer for Naval Air Technical Data and Engineering Command. I retired in 2009.  
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