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Grant, Larry J. (1966-1968)*

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Walter "Wally" Daniels. We were actually TDY at Chanute, Ill - Aug. 1968, when this was taken. Soon to be back at Loring.
Sgt. Whittenburg - 42nd FMS Machine Shop watching 2nd Class Walter "Wally" Daniels - 42nd Welding Shop repair an item in the welding shop.

Pictures (L to R)    
(L) This picture was taken at Amarillo AFB, spring 1966.   
Glad that someone thought to take pictures.
I'm second from the right, top row - serious stuff. (click the photo to view full size)
(M) Me in 1968, age22
(R) Warren Rider, trying to figure out F-Stop rating on my Pentax camera.

About this photo: (You can click the photo to view it full-size)
In Nov. 2005, we made a trek to Loring/Limestone to visit with SSgt. Frank Gish and his wife, Charlene.

They took us on the grand tour of what's left of Loring AFB.   We stopped by the abandoned 42nd FMS Sheetmetal Shop.
The shop was on the west wing of the Arch Hangar.   The enclosed picture is me in the mostly empty shop looking towards the machine shop and the NW.   Frank Gish is behind the camera.

The former FMS barracks is all gone as well as the OMS (where the chow hall was located).  No more NCO barracks or the little local BX where we would go for ice cream even in the dead of winter.!


Hometown:  Arlington, Virginia

Unit at Loring:  42nd Field Maintenance, Fabrication Branch

First day at Loring:

I remember first reporting to the HQ building.   I remember seeing a young airman exit that I recognized but was not sure how I knew him - it was Barry Richards from tech school.   I was in the A Section and he was in B Section - no one at tech school (Amarillo AFB) bothered to adv that we were heading to the same Northern Maine base.

Most memorable experience:  

Seems that for those of us from the South, most stories involve the bitter cold.

One learns real fast to keep one's vehicle in top tune or it may not start.   I was leaving the BX one cold, snowy, winter evening when I noticed that the Buick (Mass tags) parked next to me would not start.

Behind the wheel was the wife of a Air Policeman (K-9 corp).  I did not want to drain my battery but I did offer to drive her back to her base housing home.  As we drove across base, she shared that her husband was somewhere out on the perimeter of the base.  At a certain temperature, the sgts will come out and collect the dogs but leave the 2-legged troops out there.   A new definition of "the cold war.'

Last Day at Loring:  

I remember that my vehicle ('63 1/2 black Ford Galaxy) was loaded to the roof.  The Townsends (local potato farmers) that I had befriended thru Richard Dye, made me take about a 100 lbs of Maine spuds to my family.


What did you do after Loring:

Married and moved to Colorado in early 1971.

Worked for a year for the USDI - Park Service, Denver Service Center.

Attended Colorado State University, class of ,76 - forestry.

USDA Forest Service, 1976-1989, Modoc NF, Tulelake, CA.

Amtrak, 1991-present


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