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Guenther, Ronald (1968-1969)

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Home Town:    Baytown, Tx
Unit at Loring:    42nd OMS
First Day at Loring:    Coming from Texas (Carswell AFB} I just thought where in the hell am I. I was lucky it was June and not January.
Most Memorable Experience:   
Last Day at Loring:    It was hectic. I processed out and went to leave only for my starter on my car went out. Spent most of the day trying to get it repaired
What did you do after Loring?    Went home from Loring to Dallas where I went to work for LTV Aeronautics as a plane captain. Worked there about a year then got layed off then went to Baytown Tx and worked in a chemical plant for 35 years. I am now retired and living in Fairfield Tx whichis about 1 1/2 hours souyh of Dallas
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