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Haessler, Jeffrey (1963-1967)*

Profile Added: 9/12/2012 0:48:37
This photo was taken in the base housing area in early 1964. I was born in the base hospital in April of 1963 while my father was assigned to the base.
Home Town: Limestone, ME
Unit at Loring: Dependant
First Day at Loring: "I was born in the base hospital on Loring on April 18, 1963. I have no clear recollection of that day.
I'm told that my father was on alert and could not be there."
Most Memorable Experience: Picking wild berries.
Last Day at Loring: Heavy snow in June still covered my tricycle. We had to leave it behind when the moving truck left.
What did you do after Loring? We moved around the country until my dad retired in 1981. Now I'm a videographer.
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