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Hicks, William (Bill) (1969-1971)*


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Hometown:  Hawesville, KY

Unit at Loring:  42ndSPS/407thAREFS

First day at Loring:

I was picked up at Presque Isle airport one evening in October 1969, When I got to the barracks I was starving. One of the guys took me across the pkng lot to the dayroom where I was able to get a cold sandwich. I'm not sure but the next day I think they closed down the canteen for health reasons. Just trying to get to Loring was a nightmare for me! heehee

Most memorable experience:  

Oh My, I'm not sure about this one. I guess some of my favorite times at Loring was when I had the house band at the Officers Club. There was a Major who came in with his girlfriend every time we played and when we would play a slow song he would always get her back to us and hike her skirt so we could see what color her panties were. It was all we could do to finish playing the song we were laughing so hard. I also road with my SAT team leader one night after he had eaten a dozen hard boiled eggs. I rode around all night with my window down. Man was it cold! When with the 407th AREFS, we had a boomer that dumped a load of fuel all over the WingKings B-52 somewhere around 10,000ft.

Last Day at Loring:  

I really had mixed feelings about leaving. I felt kinda like I was leaving home and yet I was going home. My discharge physical was a joke, and when I got to personnel to collect my separation pay, They couldn't pay me my entire pay because the computers were down. The computers were at Dover AFB. They did pay me enough to get me home though. I left behind alot of friends and memories and was going to my wife's home where I knew absolutely no one, and didn't know what the job outlook was going to be. So my last day at Loring was bitter/sweet.

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