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Jerry Mills (1963-1967)

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Home Town: Sylva, North Carolina
Unit at Loring: 42nd Air Police Sq
First Day at Loring: I liked the scenery.  But, when the 3 and 4 foot snows started falling, it got a little desolate.  Learned to live with it. 
Most Memorable Experience: The time I was on patrol by the dental clinic, there was a bull moose and two cows crossing the road.  The bull moose stood in the middle of the road and blocked me and watched me until the two cows were safely on the other side, then he took off and looked back once. 
Last Day at Loring: Mixed feelings.  After I got off the flight line I went to Law Enforcement for over a year and that was fun.   Always something to do, chase speeders, catch peeping toms in base housing, fight with drunks, etc.  
What did you do after Loring? I was discharged and went back home to Sylva, North Carolina.  Couldn't get a good job in those days.  After 14 months, my wife got pregnant again and I went to see an Air Force Recruiter and came back in under the Prior Service Program.  But, I cross trained into personnel and stayed another 17 years and stayed 21 years retiring in 1985.  Moved to Dover, Delaware and worked for civil service another 18 years and totally retired in 2005. 
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