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Kidder, Milton L. Jr (1963-1967)

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Home Town: West Springfield MA
Unit at Loring: 42 CDS/K-9
First Day at Loring: Came in October "63; weather was beautiful. No clue to what I was in for. Attached to "D" Flight Security, and was humping the flightline before I knew what hit me. Still it was the beginning of a lot of great memories of great people I worked with and I cherish those moments to this day!!
Most Memorable Experience: How we used to hitch hike from East Loring into Caribou any chance we could get! The key here was how we dressed, loafers and light clothes and jackets at zero or below, I guess we had no brains or sense, especially after how we were dressed for work like Eskimos.
Last Day at Loring: Nervous about heading Home with no job or future and I knew I would miss my friends and co-workers, and wondered if I should have re-enlisted and continue my career there.
What did you do after Loring? "Bounced around jobs and started a family from '67 till I re-enlisted in '70 for three more years and helped close Westover AFB in MA and took a discharge and not go to Beale AFB CA, because my youngest son was deaf and we had very good schooling right here.
From there on into the Post Office and put in 36 years and retired as a Postmaster. Now retired and enjoying life except for those miserable health problems!!"
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