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Lee, Michael (1965-1968)

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Home Town: Washington, DC
First Day at Loring: Quite pleasant. Civilians at Liquid Fuels Maint. were friendly and showed me the ropes.
Most Memorable Experience: "Above.
A guy in my barracks wing (on the second Floor) had a '53 Ford that epitomized the phrase ""Found On Road Dead"". He worked on it in his room all winter. He found he had a few more parts than he needed and in the spring (thaw) transmissions, rear ends and other parts became visible. Major clean-up but he had shipped out by then.
Snow (major dusting) I had never seen large culverts used to get us out of the barracks onto the street so we could go to work."
Last Day at Loring: Very sad. I had met and became engaged to a local girl from a great family. I got orders for VN and soon had to leave. I had every intention of marrying her when I returned.  I asked my roomie to keep an eye on my girl. He did and married her about a year later. Now that's friends.
What did you do after Loring? 3 separate successful careers. Two marriages and two children. have a wonder wife of 32 years and two grand children. 
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