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Leslie, Richard (1969-1971)

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Home Town: Detroit
Unit at Loring: 127 FIS / T-33
First Day at Loring: The first years of my enlistment were with TAC if was a big change being on a SAC Base, and being in an ADC Squadron.  Sometime we had a thin line to walk.
Most Memorable Experience: I had a 69' Roadrunner I got in more trouble with that car and it  always seemed to be with the same Security Policeman.   I sold the Roadrunner and bought a VW, you know it I was speeding and the same officer pulled me over.  He couldn't believe it was me driving a VW.  I said come on Sarge I got rid of the Roadrunner and now I have this, I trying to behave.  He thought for a few seconds chuckled and said don't let me stop you again or I throw the book at you.  I haven't had another ticket in 42 years.
Last Day at Loring: I wondered if I was going to have a last day.  I was suppose to final process at approx. 0900.  Of course mine wasn't ready everyone else seemed to be on the road by 1000.  I finally got out of their around 1400, to me it was just another way SAC put it to ADC.  
What did you do after Loring? "1973 - 1978 Mass ANG with the 102nd at Otis AFB
1978 - 2003 Mi ANG with the 127th Wing and Selfridge ANGB  Ret SMS"
If you agree, people can contact you at (email): hd_dleslie@yahoo.com