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Marvin, Dennis (1963-1966)

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Home Town: Acworth NH  Near Keene nh
Unit at Loring: 811th Medical Group
First Day at Loring: Jan 2 1963  I am an Army Brat   My  Dad Major E.J Marvin was stationed at Fort Devens, Mass.  When I finished Surgical Tech School at Greenville Miss. and was home on leave before my PDS Loring. Dad took leave time and drove me up from Acworth NH  500miles to Loring ... I remember we got stuck in a snow storm somewhere in Maine and stayed at the home of a Snow Plow driver..  Dad brought me to the barracks where I would spend the next 3.5 years.. I will alway remember that trip with my Military father.. proud of his son and his first duty station.. 
Most Memorable Experience: All the hours spent playing poker and black Jack in the Day Room..  I tell people   Every month I would get a paycheck for $65 and thought I was rich
Last Day at Loring: I packed my Duffle bag and hitched hicked home from loring to Acworth NH  best trip I ever took... Looking back some 48 years   Loring wasn's so bad...
What did you do after Loring?  College  married  used my military training and became a Registered Nurse.. 
If you agree, people can contact you at (email): DennisMarvinRN@aol.com