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Maul, Paul (1961-1966)

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Hometown: Castle Rock, CO

Unit at Loring: 69th Bomb Sq


First day at Loring:  Beautiful July day.  Found that no housing available for several days, so took family to Loring Long Lake Recreation Area, and stayed in trailor for several days.  My wife and girls picked raspberries and blue berries across the lake.


Most memorable experience: So many good times, so many good friends.  We have had four reunions of our 60's Generation 42nd Bomb Wing, and plan another one in Dayton in September 2012.  Favorite stories abound at those reunions.


Last Day at Loring: Was part of the transfer of a squadron of B-52's to Plattsburgh AFB.  Our crew was honored to deliver the first B-52.  We later were flown back to Loring to deliver a second B-52 this one loaded with weapons.


What did you do after Loring: Ten more years in Air Force.  Honored to command 99th Bomb Wing at Westover in 1973 and the 509th Bomb Wing at Pease in late '73 and early '74.  After AF retirement worked for General Dynamics Government Relations for 15 years.


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