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McCole, William "Bill" (1964-1967)*

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Left to Right:  The late Senior Master Sergeant (E-8) Stephen P. Holloman, Airman Second Class (E-3) Donald R. Morrison and Airman Second Class (E-3) William D. (Bill) McCole.  Sergeant Holloman was the Missile Shop NCOIC.  Note the conspicuous lack of  “collar brass” on his uniform lapel.  Best guess on the date is Spring of 1965.   We both made E-4 on 1 Oct 1965.  I was TDY from mid-May to mid-September 1965.  Location was outside of the Base Theater, I think.  The occasion was a Commander's Call session.  Don was from Nitro, WV; me: Levittown, PA. 

Home Town:    Levittown, PA (then)
Unit at Loring:    27th FIS
First Day at Loring:    Great weather in June!
Most Memorable Experience:    I worked in the Missile Shop (AIM Maintenance).  Worked with great people in the shop, and elsewhere in the Squadron.
Last Day at Loring:    Great weather in June!  But the 1967 Arab-Israeli War broke out, and I was afraid that my discharge would be cancelled.
What did you do after Loring?    Spent a career in Industrial Process Measurement and. Control.
If you agree, people can contact you at (email):    wmccole@aol.com