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Mills, Jerry (1963-1967)

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Hometown:  Sylva, North Carolina

Unit at Loring:  42nd CDS

First day at Loring:

The northern atmosphere amazed me because I remember standing outside D Flt Security barracks and looking around and having a feeling of complete freedom with that wild country atmosphere. I got there in September and it hadn't blasted us with 4-5 feet of snow yet.  That was my next surprise.  White everywhere you looked.

Most memorable experience:  

One night when I was on patrol in Law Enforcement I proceeded to check out a domestic disturbance in base housing.  Well, I was young and waded into their fight and found out real quick that fighting husbands and wives don't need any assistance from an outsider.  The wife chased me upstairs with a broken beer bottle.  I locked myself in their bathroom upstairs and called for backup.

Last Day at Loring:  

I out processed to separated and barely remember that.  I remember having a feeling of not having a job all of a sudden and that I was leaving a lot of friends behind. I felt like I was making a mistake leaving the Air Force.  I was out in civilian life and 3 menial jobs later I went to the AF Recruiter and I came back into the Air Force as a Personnel Specialist and remained in that job and career advisor for the last 17 years before I retired in 1985.


What did you do after Loring:

Went back home to NC and had several jobs.  Tried to go into State Police and regular town police, but, found out that I was about 20 pounds under their minimum weight limit.  After 14 months I came back into the Air Force and crossed trained into Personnel and later lateral retrained into Career Advisor.  I had several assignments after, Hawaii, Calif twice, Keesler, Shaw, Rhein-Main Germany. I retired in 1985 and went to work for Dept of Def and worked for the Commissary system until I retired again in 1995.  I now reside in Dover, Delaware.


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