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Mooney, Robert (1968-1972)

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Hometown:  waltham mass.

Unit at Loring:  42nd OMS

First day at Loring:

Sunshine, warm, and beautiful. Mid september 1968.Experiencing all possible emotions--excitement, fear, confusion,and awe. Processing checklist in one hand and a map in the other was the only help the jeeps received. If you didn't learn the base quickly, you spent a lot of time going in circles.

Most memorable experience:  

Just got married and moved into Earl Munson's apartment building in Caribou. Almost immedately after settling in, I was sent to Spain for a thirty day TDY. My bride picked me up at base ops, and on our drive home, I sensed something wrong.I asked her what the problem was, and with tears in her eyes she said " you mean you don't know?" After assuring her I had no idea of what she might be upset about, she told me I was leaving in two days to pull alert at Goose Bay for thirty days. The next day I went to plead my case to my supervisor-Tsgt.Ted Dupuy. I told him the back to back tdy's sucked and I had just gotten married. He gave me the typical "LIFER" reply which shut me up. "If the Air Force wanted me to have a wife, I would have been issued one a BEMO."

Last Day at Loring:  

Cold and dreary. It was the day after a big snow storm on March 4th 1972. Processing out was a lot easier than processing in. I was excited about being a civilian again.

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