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Morey, Edward (1961-1965)

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Home Town: Matawan, NJ when enlisted - now live in Delaware
Unit at Loring: Hq Sq 42d Cmbt Spt Gp
First Day at Loring: "I actually arrived a few days early, stayed in temp housing.  Used the time to get used to where I was and where important parts of the base were located.
First report day was really busy with check in."
Most Memorable Experience: That (almost) no matter how much snow we had, if you could make it to your car you could drive wherever and whenever you wanted.  They really knew how to handle snow removal, both on and off the base.
Last Day at Loring: Good and bad.  Had to say goodbye to a lot of good friends, both in service and in Presque Isle, but happy to be going south.
What did you do after Loring? Worked in Corporate Administration for about 8 years, had a painting contracting business for over 10 and spent almost 35 years operating a property management business.  We handled the day to day and financial matters for Condominiums and other type Communities.
If you agree, people can contact you at (email): efmorey@aol.com