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Parks, Larry (1967-1968)*

Posted:  3/14/2011 2:05:21 PM

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Hometown: Saginaw, Michigan
Unit at Loring:  42nd FMS

First day at Loring:

I remember how it reminded me of Michigan.  Forests, lakes & streams and even skiing was available.  I remember going to the BX to drink 3.2 beer because I wasn't old enough to go to a bar hahaha!  I remember the long walks to work over the creek and to the flight-line (about a mile).  I worked in the large hangar 8280.  We could watch the B-52s, KC-235s and the fighter jets take off right by our hangar.

Most memorable experience:  

In the winter of 1967, I was amazed at how much snow they had.  The trucks would use snow throwers when the snow got too high to push it to the side of the road on base.  I usually walked the tunnels under the barracks to avoid walking through the deep snow.  With my parka and mickey mouse boots, I would slide down the snowbank to the road (about 15 feet high).  Couldn't stop if a car or truck came.  The fierce winds on the flight-line and the jet exhausts would just about knock you down, but as a kid (age 19), it was fun!

Last Day at Loring:  

I was kind of lonely, because my closest friends were shipped out TDY and PCS to Vietnam and Germany.  I left for Nam in December 1968 and actually saw a couple of my buddies there.

What have you done since Loring:

After the Air Force, I worked for General Motors and retired after 36 years.  Somewhere in the middle of that, at age 42, I joined the Army National Guard to become a Ranger.  I was put into a bridge building unit and never got to Ranger School. They were under-manned and wouldn't let me transfer to the infantry.  After 3 years, I left.  I have been living in Saginaw, Michigan an am married with 3 kids and 2 grandchildren.     

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