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Pitre, Joseph (1967-1968)

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Hometown:  FARMINGTON,  NH

Unit at Loring:  27 FIS

First day at Loring:  I can remember the first day at Loring very clearly.  I was driving into the ADC area and off to my right I could see missle containers, which made my heart skip a beat.  I associated missle cases with casulties at Tan Son Nhut, Saigon, RVN.  My barracks was next to the Army morgue.  I was a newlywed and had come back from Detroit through Canada and we lived at 14C Pleasant St, Caribou across from a funeral parlor.  My first child, a daughter was born at Loring on 20 Aug, 1968.  I had a line # for staff and they offered me Topsham AF station working on T-33's.

Most memorable experience:   Those brutal snowstorms and fighting the snowdrifts was memorable.  I can remember having to get some speed up to get through the drifts.  On one occasion I seen the AP's coming after me and they spun out. I didn't stop to see what they wanted.  Of course the moose on our trim pad was impressive.

I enjoyed taking my wife fishing and hunting.  She couldn't do either.  I tried to carry her across a brook and she got me laughing and we both got very wet.  I can remember getting the day off for snow and heading for NH more than once over 6 hours away.

Last Day at Loring:   My last day at Loring was 23 Aug 1968 and I believe I picked my wife and baby  at the hospital and headed for NH.  Needless to say, it was quite hectic and we had a young gray cat that wasn't fond of riding.


What did you do after Loring: Election day 1968, my first chance at voting, I ended up at the hospital with a ruptured appendix and almost died.  I went back in the service in 1971 and crosstrained into crypto electronics.  Two boys were born in NH and the last was born at March AFB, CA in 1977.  I am working on the 9th grandchild.  I worked at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and had my business.  I have been working in local government and was just elected to the NH Legislature last week.  I couldn't stand Pres Carter and went to the NH Air Guard in December, 1977.  I spent 7 years as a crew chief on tankers with a great unit, and traveling in Europe and Asia.  I ended up being a 100% disabled vet after fighting the VA from 1968 to 1996.Its a good thing I was not in the service because I probably wouldn't be writing this.  I insisted in not leaving the civilian hospital and was a real jerk.  That attitude saved my life!


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