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Raynes, Peter (1968-1969)*

Profile Added:  11/16/2010 3:16:51 PM

 Peter, December 1968 (Loring)  42CES Parking Lot Dec '68 (Loring)  42CES Dorm Rooms Mar 1969 (Loring)
"...I was a power production guy - Oh, the joy of getting called to the flight line at 3 AM for another power outage.  Just finding the P.O.L. building during an average "white out" was interesting - but not as much fun as informing the duty P.O.L. Sgt that I needed him to drive me around at -56 to refuel my generators!..."

Hometown:  Cambridge,Ma

Unit at Loring:  42 CES

First day at Loring:  Refused entry-no seat belts in my 61Buick Allowed entry after about 1 hour wait.

Most memorable experience:   Crossing the active in CE-8(1965 International SIX Pack) 65B 9023 "For Official Use

Only". Almost got stuck in a snowdrift once with a B-52 on final! Loring Tower was

not amused....O

Last Day at Loring:   I remember still snow on ground when I drove through main gate on 30 May for last



What did you do after Loring: One year on the DEW LINE with Alaskan Air Command--I've done my time in Hell!!!

Couple of years at Barksdale - then home to Boston and 37 years employed at Mass

General Hospital -Now retired in Miami Beach-- No more snow!!!


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