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Schultz,Robert L. Jr. (1969-1976)

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Home Town: New Orleans,La.
Unit at Loring: 42nd Supply Squadron
First Day at Loring: In September 1969 , I landed at Presque Isle Airport on a prop job, noticed weeds on the runway and taxi way. I listened to a local and Presque Isle Police Officer discuss the upcoming potato harvest , after one hour wait, was loaded on a blue goose and arrived at Loring  AFB, Me. Remember pleasw, this was my second duty station, my first being Wheelus  AB, Libya. What a change in temperature for this southern boy from New Orleans, La. This was the first of many culture shocks I experienced during my stay.
Most Memorable Experience: There were too many. Of course, meeting my wife and her giving me two beautiful children. Being involved in motorcycle safety as a MSF Instructor, teaching classes during the day and working nights delivering parts on and off the flight line, I also enjoyed the snowmobiling, active in the Snow hawks Snowmobiling Club. I also did volunteer work on the Loiring  Snow Patrol. And believe it or not, I enjoyed working for my supervisor, TSgt, Charles W. "Bear" Bryant. Contrary to what many may have believed about the "Bear", he was a fair, nd darn good boss, he taught me a lot. 
Last Day at Loring: My wife and two children driving down Interstate 95 with a trailer in tow with two motorcycles during a snow storm the day after Thanksgiving in 1976. I had to drive 45 mph all the way down to Manchester N.H., where the next day, the sun was shining and we were wearing short sleeve shirts. Two days later we arrived at England, AFB, La. Two weeks later, Alexandria, La.  experienced it's first ice storm and I had absolutely no trouble arriving at work because I still had my snow tires on my car.
What did you do after Loring? Since leaving Loring: England AFB, La.; Lindsey AS , W, Germany;     then Chanute AFB, Il. I was involuntary  cross-trained from Supply to Communications, because of being promoted to MSgt, and being an overage in the supply career field. I was also re-assigned to Randolph AFB, Tx. where I retired from active duty, and took a civil service job on Keesler AFB, Ms. I retired from Keesler in September 2007 and enjoyiny retirement. I aggrivate  my wife, and am restoring a 19909 Chevy 1500, 454 SS ang keeping up a house and 6 acres.
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