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Stebbins, Gilbert (1967-1969)

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Home Town: Savannah, Ga.
Unit at Loring: Security Police Squadron
First Day at Loring: Being from Georgia, I had never seen snow.  I arrived in December and the snow was deep and it was very cold....I thought it was great!
Most Memorable Experience: My first encounter with a moose...I was working the main gate and a moose decided he wanted to come into the security building to get warm (I guess)...scared the hell out of me.
Last Day at Loring: I really liked Loring  AFB, but I was tired of the winters.  I got orders for Vietnam and suddenly I was gone....When I went from below zero temperatures to 100+ temps I really missed those winters at Loring.
What did you do after Loring? Went back to college, graduated, worked in the newspaper business for 20 years, retired became a cop,,,retired from that after 15 years.  I started working with glass and I have a very small glass studio and I sell my creations online.  I am married (28 years) and together we have four grown children and seven grand children....life is good.
If you agree, people can contact you at (email): stebbinsgil@gmail.com