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Stone, Catherine (1960s)

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Home Town: Bonham, Texas
Unit at Loring: Don't remember
First Day at Loring: Weird, it was snow, snow, snow.  Seems like it never left.  It was very cold and my Dad just cussed all the way from just above Bangor till we hit the gates at Loring.  Ice all the way.
Most Memorable Experience: Picking potatoes from end of July for the next six weeks.  Bought my school clothes with the money I made.  Snow on the fourth of July and never getting past the bunny slopes.  Missed only one day of school for blizzard conditions, sad.
Last Day at Loring: Three cheers, we were finally getting out of Maine and going back to the warm weather and beautiful beaches at Kadena Air Force Base, Okinawa. 
What did you do after Loring? Graduated from school, went to some college, was married for 32 years and now live in a little town in Oklahoma called Sapulpa.  Too much stuff to put in this small space. 
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