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Stone, Guy (1967-1970)

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Home Town: Clarksville, TN
Unit at Loring: 4000 Support Gp (Det 2)
First Day at Loring: Snow was still on the ground.
Most Memorable Experience: "I was assigned to the ""Blotner Site"" --a small unit in a potato field about 10 miles from the main base.  We did classified (at the time) stuff.  One of my bosses (Lt Col Gordon Addy) was good with our families. 
I recall an F-106 having to crash-land when the left main gear didn't depoly. This was an Armed Forces Day show in 1968.  At first, it looked like they were going to exhibit how they can foam the runway, but after looking through the zoom lens of my movie camera, and not seeing a wheel, it was for real.  I may still have the film somewhere.  I understand the plane was repaired and flew again.  
Another favorite story:  We had to put up a new radome (inflatable covering) over our dish antenna, around 1969 or so, and the new material was thinner, and light from inside the radome could be seen and appeared to a few people as a big UFO near US Hwy 1, or so the story went."
Last Day at Loring: Snow was on the ground
What did you do after Loring? Nuclear Power operator and trainer
If you agree, people can contact you at (email): dstone4092@suddenlink.net