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Sturm, Peter K. (1963-1965)

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Home Town:    monticello
Unit at Loring:    field maint. flight instruments
First Day at Loring:    "Spent a few days in the transit area probably the Ap squadron.
I arrived in early November.0 Once I processed in I was assigned to the field maintenance squadron Col. Crow was the commander. A good guy who ran the squadron well in fact we beat the Flight crew squadrons several times while I was there."
Most Memorable Experience:    A story I have told many times happened the Fall of 1964. One of the alert birds had an bad attitude indicator. We arrived at the alert pad with the flight crew standing by. The AC told us that they were on a high level alert status and if the horn went off while we were aboard we were going along. Just as we finished installing the indicator the horn did go off. We managed to exit the plane after the Navigator came through the hatch. By the time we ran across the taxi way the alert birds were rolling. The end off the runway was very close and the first 52 was rolling then the second. We shook hands goodby as we figured the end was near.
Last Day at Loring:    As Nam heated up I was reassigned to Kadena Afb Okinawa. No B-52's but lots of Kc-135's. My last day was early Sept. Made the drive back to Indiana and spent a few days at home before taking a transit flight out of Wright Pat to Travis for the flight to Kadena.
What did you do after Loring?    "Got out in 67 and went to IU using the GI bill finally ending up with a masters degree in Geology. Worked as a Geophysist in the oil business in Houston Texas.
My regret was that I didn't join the Air National Guard. My father was a light bird and my sister was Robin Olds secretary at the Air Force Academy. The USAF was in my blood. "
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