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Weachter,Kenneth (1965-1966)

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Home Town: manheim,pa
Unit at Loring: hospital
First Day at Loring: startled how much snow was on the ground,how cold it was.
Most Memorable Experience: Being accused of going to Canada while on x-ray call at hosp. I was in the barracks all time Next rm. from mine. Told CQ but he must have forgot. My ncoic sgt. schlegel and radiologist Dr.Einfalt were ready to crucify me Monday morning.
Last Day at Loring: very happy
What did you do after Loring? retired from army reserve with the rank of master sgt. retired from three mile Island. No not there during accident. Hired there 1981. Had 10 yr. break in service, x-rayed army recruiter and I asked them what they would do with me. I found out.
If you agree, people can contact you at (email): ken.weachter@gmail.com