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Weaver, Robert (1960-1963)

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Hometown:  Unicoi, TN

Unit at Loring:  42th AMMS

First day at Loring:

I reported on Sept.7, 1960, don't remember it being an eventful day. Drove up to Loring with a tech. school classmate from Ohio in my 1956 Chevy. Winter had not arrived, but did shortly.

Most memorable experience:  

Last Day at Loring:  

Was released on Dec.3, 1963, of course it was snowing. Left in my 1962 A/H Sprite,trunk was full, passenger area was full, Headed down US1, bottom dragging in the accumulating snow, this was shortly after midnight, but I was determine to get out of Maine. Drove until I was so tired I could go no further, around Bangor area, got a room, slept a couple of hours, time to hit the snow covered roads again. I drove no further then 3 miles and the roads were bare, no snow. I had slept right on the edge of the storm!

What did you do after Loring:

Went to DeVry Tech in Chicago, got my FCC license, but hired with IBM and never used my license. At IBM I worked on mid sized main frames, (360 mod 40 and 370 mod 145), this was in Akron, OH. Did this for 12 years and decided it was time to head south. Moved to the Asheville, NC area and worked for SquareD in industrial automation for 25+ years. Decided to retire when the plant was shut down and operations were moved to Mexico. At this time we decided to move over the mountain to the Unicoi, TN area, sat around for 5 years, got tired of sitting and started volunteering for the Unicoi county sheriffs department. Got tired of volunteering, and hired in, am now working in the jail 4 days a week, works for me. Oh, I've had the same wife from 1965 thru the present, think I'll keep her. We have two sons, one works for Graybar Electric and the other one is a North Carolina State Trooper.

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