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White, Rodney (1963-1968)

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Home Town:    Elizabeth New Jersey
Unit at Loring:    Orderly Room-42nd B. Wing-Squadron Maintain Runways
First Day at Loring:    Busy, scared, exciting.
Most Memorable Experience:    "I was a 70250 Oderly room Clerk.  I did not know how to use a typewriter, but after awhile, me and my co-worker learned how to type with two fingers at 80 words a minute.

I was working for the best damn Lt. Coolnel in the whole USA:  Coolnel William H. Bordner.  He was killed touring runways in Vietnam."
Last Day at Loring:    sad, lost.
What did you do after Loring?    "I graduated college, worked for AT&T until Federal Judge called us a monopoly and split the company up into little pieces. 

I became a State Of New Jersey Constable, and have been for the last twenty years.

I can be reached at:  (908) 662-7238."
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