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Whiteman, Sam (1968-1970)

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Hometown:  Fort Wayne, Indiana

Unit at Loring:  42 FMS IFR Shop

First day at Loring:

Don' rmember what the date was, but it was a Saturday in July 1968. It must have been midnight when I arrived and hauled my stuff off the base bus from Presque Isle. Had a time finding the CQ. Finally got to bed sometime after 2AM. All of this after a 17 hour layover at Boston Logan. In those days Logan was a dump, most unconfortable airport I have ever been in. Awaken in the afternoon of the next day by sunshine through the window of room 2B1 in the FMS barraks. Hungry, I had to ask the location of the dinning facility and found that they didn't open until 4PM I had missed lunch. I was impressed by the lack of people, I had been transfered from Barksdale and had gotten use to having activity on the base. Loring was so spread out I found the space refreshing. Monday I found the IFR shop and started what would be a very enjoyable 2 years of adventure.

Most memorable experience:  

Working at night on the flight line was a story in and of itself. I was on my own with no "white hats" to bother me..........

Last Day at Loring:  

July 6,1970. Don't remember much of it I was in a state of shock. The day I had dreamed of for 4 years (can you say SHORT) had finally come and I could barely contain myself. It only struck me about 8 hours after I left and was driving south on I95 in an MG midget with all of my belongings. Damn, I felt like I just got over a four year case of constipation.


What did you do after Loring:

Computer biz since 1970


If you agree, people can contact you at (email):  whiteman@ipfw.edu