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Wilson, Mac (1961-1966)

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Home Town: Indianapolis, IN
Unit at Loring: 70th Bomb SQ.
First Day at Loring: Bleak! Arrived on Labor Day----nothing was happening!
Most Memorable Experience: "Our crew flying the first and only B-52G mission with a fully weapon
loaded bomb bay and Hound Dog missiles to the Eglin Test Range---
all successfully launched!"
Last Day at Loring: Hectic! The family and I had to stay in family quarters out in the Boondocks!
What did you do after Loring? "Sent to Plattsburg AFB in 1966; then on to Education With Industry
program. Pipelined to gunships in RVN 1969-1970. Assigned to Boston,
MA as Executive Officer to Navy Captain and made the transition to Contract Aministration. Reassigned to Vandenburg AFB 1973 as Chief,
Contract Administration for down range support activity. Reassigned to
Sac unit at Mather in 1975, Current Operations and the Wing Inspector,
retiring in 1982.
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