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Wind, John Lawrence (1964-1967)

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Hometown:  Miami, FL

Unit at Loring:  42nd AEMS

First day at Loring:

My Loring arrival was unusual since I am a Miami, FL native and my previous bases were Travis AFB, CA, Mather AFB, CA and Homestead AFB, FL.  When I arrived at Loring the snow was up to the second story and tunnels were used to move from building to building.  The main food and beer cooler was the window sill.

Most memorable experience:  

During one winter, some of the troops made a Bikini clad snow woman in a kneelling position about 10 feet tall.  When summer came she began to lean back day by day until she was lying on her back and slowly melted into the surrounding ground.

Last Day at Loring:  

I left with mixed feelings.  Leaving Loring after three years, I had enough ice, snow, and cold.  Taking my family home to Miami was terrific, but I was on my way to  a tour in Viet Nam..


What did you do after Loring:

Served a term on Viet Nam, 8 years at Wurtsmith AFB, MI, retired and returned to my home town of Miami, FL and worked 24 years working at Barfield Instrument Corporation.  Now, I have been retired from the work force since 2002.


If you agree, people can contact you at (email):  johnlwind@hotmail.com