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Adza, Steven (1975-1978)

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Home Town: Walnut Creek,Ca
Unit at Loring: 42OMS
First Day at Loring: It's hard to remember the first day,I do remember it was late summer.The first Christmas was hard,I was going thru a divorce,we decorated a tree made from the picture rails,and hung bourbon bottles off it.I recall my roommate(don't recall name)went out to flight line to see Air Force 1,he was seen and his camera was taken,also the film.If note that first day ,soon after.
Most Memorable Experience: One of my most favorite memories is when we were all out on the planes,it was in winter,very cold ,and out came a car stopping at every plane,with something to eat and drink,it was our commanding officer,I still remember it,he was awesome,a great man and an officer who all Liked and respected.
Last Day at Loring: Working on the line,I think.I remember all the guys in the truck,all a great bunch.somewhere I have a picture someone took after I was splashed with a cooler full of water.could be wrong,long time ago,I was 21yrs old.
What did you do after Loring? I was stationed at KADENA AB,Okinawa from 78-79,403rd MASS.I was married,and lived in No.Prov,R.I.from81-89.I went back to school after getting out in 79.Moved to R.I in DEC 81.Worked in a textile mill.Moved back home to Calif,family home in Plesanton,in S.F.Bay Area in Sept89,a couple weeks before Loma Prieta Quake.I Live in Walnut Creek,in a Senior Community,with Dad,he'll be 86 this Sept,2014.I am part of the Emergency Response here as a ham radio operator.I have been involved in Emergency Preparedness since 89,along with a variety of work.Auto Repair shop to Landscape Maint.Handyman jobs.
If you agree, people can contact you at (email): steveadza@yahoo.com