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Agard, Al (1977-1980)

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Home Town: NYC
Unit at Loring: 42nd BW - QC
First Day at Loring: Cold!  I arrived in February 1977 direct from Hickam AFB, Hawaii.  It felt like I was being punished for enjoying Hawaii as much as I did.  If I had my way I'd have never left.
Most Memorable Experience: I was the AGE QC inspector and TSgt Stein$%# inspected Munitions, if I remember correctly.  This Friday afternoon, TSgt Stein$%# broke out a bottle of Bourbon. It as December, you know, holiday season.  Someone reminded him that the DCM issued an order that there would be no hard liquor on the premises.  TSgt Stein$%# responded saying "go tell the DCM to go piss up a rope".  From the rear came a voice that said... Sgt Stein$%#, what did you just say?  Stein$%#, turned red for he recognized the voice.  He turned and answered, "go piss up a rope Sir!.  The room was dead silent.  Then the DCM broke out in a smile and said, "you had to say, Sir".  All was forgiven but I can assure you, no liquor flowed that day.  
Last Day at Loring: Sad.  Loring was such a fantastic experience for me.  Met my wife there, our first son was born while stationed there.  I matured and grew professionally.  I packed wife and new born son in the car and as we drove past the welcome sign, I stopped the car and took a picture.  Funny thing.  I got a speeding ticket my first day in Maine and another ticket my last day.  I swore I'd never pay that ticket.  But 29 years later, Florida denied the renewal of my driver's license.  Said I had some issue up in Maine.  Thank God Maine accepts credit cards.  I managed to pay the debt and resolve the issue the same day.  
What did you do after Loring? Both my wife and I were reassigned to McDill AFB.  She joined the Florida Air National Guard and I became an FTD instructor.  I managed to finish out my career at MacDill and my wife Doreen retired after 26 years.  I about to retire again after 24 years with Hobart Ground Systems.  
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