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Allen, Daryle (1970-1972)


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Hometown:  Pittsburgh

Unit at Loring:  27th/83rd F. I. S.

First day at Loring:

I don't remember much about my first day at Loring except that I arrived in the late summer with two stripes.  I flew into boston and changed flights to go to Presque Isle, Me.  I had previously been stationed at CCK Taiwan before coming to Loring.  Approximately 2 or 3 weeks after arriving at Loring I took a short leave to go home to Pittsburgh, PA and bring mywife and car back.  After returning back to Loring with my wife I found out that everyone that I working with in the 27th Airframe shop had been given new orders to be reassigned to others bases.  I had only two weeks before the last one left and then I would be left on my own to be responsible for all of the 106s in my squadron.  I had to work 18 to 20 hours a day and be call, available to job control at all times for 2 1/2 months until we received new personnel.  What a way to be introduced to Loring and F-106s.  I guess that you can call it, "baptism by fire".  Still in all, I learned to fall in love with the place

Most memorable experience:  

Last Day at Loring:  

What did you do after Loring:

I was due to discharge from the USAF in June of 1972.  I was offered the opportunity to participate in an AF program called, "Project Transition" so I volunteered.  The military developed this program to offer discharding enlisted personnel courses in Sales Management, Hotel Management, Pole climers (elec.) and various other skills.  I left Loring at the end of february of 1972 with my wife and 1 year old son headed for Pittsburgh, PA to drop them leave them there while I proceeded to Forbes AFB, KS to attend a 7 week course in sales management.  I completed the course around April 21, 1972 and was discharged from the AF to return home to Pittsburgh.  After returning home, I beat the pavement searching for job until I landed one with a DoD Agency named DCAS (Defense Contracts Administration Service).  I started out in the mail room but was eventually promoted to a Quality Assurance Assistant.  After that I became a Quality Assurance Representative.  Later I became the Military Packaging Profrssional and that lasted for 21 years.  They started downsizing towards the end of my career and I had to return to a position as a Quality assurance Rep.  I was able to retain my grade and pay until I retired with 36.5 years of service at the age of 55.  I am still living in Pittsburgh and I have 3 adult children from my first wife and 4 grandchildren.  I also have one son with my second wife who is about to graduate HS and enter college.


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