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Altstock, Randy (1977-1980)

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Hometown: Portland Oregon

Unit at Loring: 69th BMS


First day at Loring:  A bit scary but exciting.  I was sent to the hospital to get my blank shot record filled up. I was sick as a dog and my room in the BOQ had no furniture or food, or a phone.  I wondered if I died how long it would be before anyone noticed.


Most memorable experience: My first real in flight emergency.  We blew a tire on takeoff and had to land with one truck retracted.


Last Day at Loring: Frantic, I did a do it yourself move and to took a lot longer than I had hoped to get the truck loaded. It was dark before we got out of town.



What did you do after Loring: Finished my career in the B-52 and the B-1.  Moved to Oregon and raised chickens for 12 years.


If you agree, people can contact you at (email):Altstock@aol.com