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Anderson, Archie H. (1970-1972)

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Home Town: Plant City,FL
Unit at Loring: 42nd MMS/SRAM
First Day at Loring: It was great, my family and I loved it. Of course, the fact that my Wife was born in Maine and three of my children were born in New Hampshire probably helped.
Most Memorable Experience: We tell people about the winters and the snow that was level with and sometimes higher than the garage roofs (We lived on Folois ) and most people think we are telling tales. But our favorite story is when my Mother In Law was flying up to visit, we went to pick her up at  the Presque Isle Airport, It was in May of 1971, as we watched her aircraft approaching in the distance, it began to snow, by the time the aircraft reached the airport, the snow was so heavy the aircraft had to abort its landing and return to Bangor. She arrived very late that night on a bus, and it was still snowing.
Last Day at Loring: We were all sad to leave, we had made some great friends there and the 42nd MMS was a great outfit.
What did you do after Loring? We left Loring on a transfer to the 380th MMS/SRAM at Plattsburgh AFB, NY and stayed there until retirement on February 1,1975. We then moved to Florida and opened a Pet Shop, while I went back to college 'After graduating from college, we sold the Pet Shop and I went to work for a large convenience store chain first as a District Manager and then in Marketing. We are still in Florida, although we did spend almost seven years travelling the country in our Motor Home.
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